Error when trying to load Sideways Inc. server


I am trying to load the Sideways Inc. server and get the error:

CfxCollection::ReadBulk of streaming file cache:/cars/vehshare.ytd failed to read 524288 bytes (got -1).

I’ve searched but can’t find any help.

It means there was an error while streaming a file, this may be because of your Internet speed or the server might have an issue.

@kanersps Thanks for the reply - I have 35 megabit download speed, so I’ll just try the server later.

that could be why or also the file could be in the wrong location

I’m also having this error

yea its bad connection or something so just go on there when its empty and try to download the files

Ok Thanks :wink: I will try. If it does not work, what I do

try to delete the DB folder inside the CACHE folder and retry till it works