Error starting the game.. Fatal Error CitizenFX

I need help I get this error when inical the FiveReborn " CitizenFX fatal error … Could not load CitizenGame.dll." but I have all updated as are the installation instructions please I need help to solve this problem.

I’m in the same boat. Here is my screenshot.

Got the same prob. here :confused:

haha :’( me too

delete cache wtf files and the files and the db folder and retry

not working :confused:

Your game has corrupted files, for example ScriptHookDotNET or ScriptHook, please make sure you have a CLEAN GTA V folder.

You may also want to check and make sure the fiveM file is actually in you GTA folder.

every time i start the game its saying for me i should play it for windows 10 WHY!! im playing in windows 7