Error loading script modules/main.lua in resource ox_inventory

Please help me start the resource, it doesn’t work, I don’t understand why, as new in programming

[ script:ox_inventory] Error loading script modules/main.lua in resource ox_inventory: [string “server.lua”]:18: attempt to call a nil value (global ‘SetInterval’)
[ script:ox_inventory] stack traceback:
[ script:ox_inventory] [string “server.lua”]:18: in local ‘func’
[ script:ox_inventory] @ox_inventory/modules/main.lua:37: in main chunk
[ c-scripting-core] Failed to load script modules/main.lua.

Hey ! :slightly_smiling_face:
We would need to see your script files to be able to help you (server.lua at least).

server.lua (14.2 KB)

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He doesn’t recognize the [ SetInterval() ] function, I didn’t encounter this function yet in my lua programming (I started less than 2 month ago), I check on google maybe it’s a function implemented in NodeLua.
Would it be possible to see the entire resource ? (manifest, client, server and eventual libraries) to be able to see if their is imports or anything else that refers to this function and her implementation in the context of the resource.

Yes, of course, here is a link to the resource itself Ox_inventory

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Litterally why.


It states;

This project is still a work-in-progress - only recommended for development servers

So why are you here on a fourm asking for help rather than listing it as an issue on the git.

Now a bit of a schooling here. If you use other search features you can find the SetInterval feature request being unimplimented yet.

Pretty sure if you look through @thelindat 's scripts you can find his version of it.

I certainly apologize, but I was advised this resource and the one who advised it works great. I used the search and did not find similar requests (So I decided to write here

The readme is right there and has a link to documentation for installation instructions. It’s technically for ESX, but it requires edits to the framework (a fork of ESX Legacy, really).

The SetInterval function is included in that fork for members of my community to utilise in their own resources or modify their servers with - a simple wrapper around CreateThread. Even if I share it here or include it with the inventory itself, the inventory will not work without aforementioned changes to ESX as it massively breaks compatibility with the default inventory system and several ESX resources.

Having an error from SetInterval not being defined is a very easy way for me to tell when somebody didn’t bother looking at the installation instructions.

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