Error Crashing every 20-30 min

I have crashed multiple times and want to know the reason behind it.

Crash ID: 522132b3-2471-47e4-8df0-69a5579d5aad

0x7ff810bf0000 - 0x7ff810fb0fff  TrainerV.asi  ???  (WARNING: No symbols, TrainerV.pdb, 66E15C15B9A940B684AE1E22499CCD3A1)
0x7ff810fc0000 - 0x7ff811457fff  EnhancedReborn3_B3.asi  ???
0x7ff814dc0000 - 0x7ff814df3fff  PLD.asi  ???
0x7ff8157a0000 - 0x7ff8157c9fff  OpenInteriors.asi  ???

Presumably any of these four calling a broken game function.

oh, thanks man i had beta 3 of enhanced