Since Today i become that Error:

Bild Text

Yesterday everything works fine for me.
I’ve used the Search Function and find nothing that helps.
I tried to rename my FiveReborn.exe into and rename it back.
Then i can start it but on next Restart the Error appears again.
I’ve seen that anyone write the Devs can fix the Error so i think its a Server-Sided Error.
I hope someone can Help me its really irritating everytime rename the .exe

~Best Regards RoxiiC

Did you try to delete the

What do you mean ?
When i Delete the then i didnt haave anyone to start the launcher

The .exe?

Oh sorry i think u dont understand me :smiley:
Ive read here in the Forum that i must rename the exe into and then rename it back to .exe
that work for me but only for 1 Start if i want to restart i must do it again

Don’t have the use the at all. Just delete it, should work without it unless you play LAN with friends.