Equinox City RP | Whitelisted | Active Staff | Crime and Civ jobs | Active Police Force | TOS Clothing and Vehicles

Welcome to Equinox City RP! Dive into our immersive world filled with endless opportunities:

Whitelist Jobs & Unique Businesses: Explore a diverse array of career paths and entrepreneurial ventures in our city, from traditional roles to unique, player-owned businesses that add character to our community.

Active Criminal & Cop Roleplay: Experience the thrill of the chase or the adrenaline rush of being on the wrong side of the law in our intense roleplay scenarios.

Real Estate Opportunities: Invest in property and watch your empire grow in Equinox City’s bustling real estate market.

Close-Knitted Community: Join our tight-knit community where friendships flourish and bonds are forged, creating a welcoming environment for all, including LGBTQ individuals who can feel safe and accepted.

Custom Clothing: Express your unique style with custom clothing options, allowing you to stand out in the crowd and make a statement in our city streets.

Active Staff: Our dedicated staff are always available to assist you, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience in our server.

Player-Friendly Animal Pedestrians: Interact with a variety of animal pedestrians, adding an extra layer of realism and charm to our cityscape.

New Heist for Criminal Players: Embark on daring heists with your crew, targeting high-value locations and securing lucrative rewards.

Lore-Friendly Vehicles: Cruise the streets in style with a selection of vehicles suitable for our esteemed lore players, showcasing their status and power.

DOJ Coming Soon: Get ready for the arrival of the Department of Justice, bringing a new level of law and order to our city streets.

Tebex Donations: Support the growth of our city through Tebex donations, contributing to the development of new features and events for everyone to enjoy.

Plenty of Activities & Monthly Events: From city-wide celebrations to secret gatherings, there’s always something happening in Equinox City. Don’t miss out on our exciting monthly events!

Join Equinox City RP today and become a part of our vibrant virtual metropolis.

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