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What is Equality Roleplay?

Equality Roleplay is a serious roleplay community, with a vMenu based server.

EQRP has an experienced management team, lots of law enforcement opportunities, and lots of fun custom things to help improve your roleplay experience.

Equality RP Emergency Services

Police. Fire. EMS. Dispatch. Our server covers all of the emergency services. Law Enforcement is provided by the San Andreas State Troopers, Blaine County Sheriffs Department, and soon the Los Santos Police Department.

We also have our civilians, people who need help from our emergency services. And perhaps, are the cause of the need for emergency services. However, with out our amazing civilians our emergency services would be useless.

Real Emergency Services equipment

EQRP has lots of high quality uniforms and vehicles for all of our departments. We even have custom equipment like radar guns (coming soon), radars on our cars, GPS tracker on all our officers, and sooo much more.

Our communications are also state of the art. We use a radio system so that other in-game players can only hear you if you’re nearby or are using the push-to-talk button for your radio. Need to get details on a current call, like looking up a subject’s name or license plate? No problem. We have a CAD system that you can log on to and query information or see current BOLOs.

More than just patrolling

Each and every one of our amazing departments have a wide variety of subdivisions. Once you reach the specified rank in your department you can go and apply for a subdivision, like K9, Gang Task Force, Search and Rescue, Wildlife Rangers, Traffic Enforcement, ETC. Each subdivision has their own vehicles or uniforms, some even having both.

Roleplay & Realism

Our server is all about roleplaying situations as true to life as possible. The moment you enter the server and setup your character, you are expected to remain in character. We have an amazing chain of command for each and every department, briefings after intense situations, realistic radio communication, and calls and interactions that you would actually happen in real life.

The call isn’t over after an arrest has been made. There is plenty more to do. The suspect/s must be read their rights and informed of the charges against them. They vehicle must be searched, and towed. Our Paramedics would need to tend to any and all injuries on the suspects, or our law enforcement personal.

Even the high intensity calls remain realistic. While in a pursuit it’s important to clear intersections and if the the pursuit is becoming to unsafe for the safety of the public, it must be called off. If there is an armed robbery, we don’t just go in there shooting like crazy. We call and wait for our SWAT team to arrive.

The more realistic you play, the more enjoyable the experience for everyone!

Official Website: Equality Network Forums
Official Discord: EQRP 2.0

Equality Roleplay is set on looking into the future, looking to expand its current recruitment to the public. We are currently wanting to expand to open more departments in the future, With them being;

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Department (Open)
  • San Andreas State Troopers (Open)
  • Los Santos Police Department (Closed)
  • San Andreas Fire and Rescue(Open)
  • Communications Operations (Closed)
  • Civilian Operations (Open)

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