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Welcome To EnvyRP

EnvyRP is a well established FiveM Roleplay community that aims to provide virtual realism via serious Roleplay. In the EnvyRP community, you will experience RP like never before. Fueled by a prosperous economy, and never-ending surprises, EnvyRP is designed to provide you with the freedom to be whom and whatever you want to be. EnvyRP is where you can create your story. EnvyRP is a place to call Home.

What does EnvyRP have to offer?

  • AllowListed
  • Mumble VOIP
  • 50K starting cash
  • Active Admins | Devs
  • Racing/Convoy Events/Dark Web
  • Custom imports & Liveries
  • Custom Clothing/hair & Uniforms
  • Custom MLO’s
  • Custom Scripts
  • Player Owned Mechanics & Dealerships
  • Synced Lighting & Weather
  • Inventory w/ Slots
  • Realistic Economy
  • Item Degrading
  • Whitelist Gangs
  • In-Game MDT

Whitelisted Jobs/Departments

  • Dealerships
  • Weazel News
  • Vanilla Unicorn
  • Benny’s Customs
  • Illegal Blackmarket
  • Department of Justice
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine Country Sheriff’s Office
  • San Andreas Medical Services

Civilian Jobs

  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Taxi
  • Trucking
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Hunting
    More Coming Soon

Illegal Activities

  • Safe Cracking
  • Vangelico Heist
  • Pacific Standard
  • House Robberies
  • Fleeca Bank Robbery
  • Gruppe Truck Robbery
  • In-depth Drugs System Weed / Coke / Meth / + More
  • Gambling (Diamond Casino)
  • Fleeca | Vangelico | Big Bank + More Coming soon


  • Live Anywhere
  • Purchasable Warehouses S/M/L

We have a 0 tolerance rule for homophobia, racial behaviour, bullying, and any type of harassment.

Join our Discord and I promise you’ll love the Roleplay experience we provide.

Discord | EnvyRP

We look forward to hearing from you?
EnvyRP Team.


Best community ever <3


Great server, great owner, great people.


You looking for a good server? Look no further. EnvyRP has been one of the better roleplay servers I’ve been on. Come check it out. You won’t be disappointed.


love envyrp ! best community !!! amazing ownersss


Truly a place to call home. :blush:

If you’re out there looking for good times,
and people who only wants to have fun and create amazing RP,
this is definitely the place for you!


I have been here a few weeks and so far a great and wonderful community. People care and look out for each other. Events often, and lots of street racing and car options for people that are interested in cars and such. There is plenty of free space in all places such as Police, EMS, gangs and legal business so bring your friends and test it out!

Thanks JT for a great server. :white_check_mark:

Discord - VIK#4685



Join our Discord and I promise you’ll love the Roleplay experience we provide.

Seriously the most fun I’ve ever had online. Never thought I’d make true friends that I can count on during the best & worst of times. ENVY is family!

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Admins power game and cops have W mentality.
Server owner will spawn in items to give himself and other cops advantages in scenes, AVOID.