Entity marked on all client


I looking for a solution to send position of something to all client connected. I have found some native to, I suppose, do that: NETWORK::SET_NETWORK_ID_CAN_MIGRATE (I’m not sure what for, but I can see it in vehshop) or NETWORK::SET_NETWORK_ID_EXISTS_ON_ALL_MACHINES by geting the network id with NETWORK::NETWORK_GET_NETWORK_ID_FROM_ENTITY, so should do something like that:

vehNetId = NetworkGetNetworkIdFromEntity(veh)
SetNetworkIdExistsOnAllMachines(vehNetId, true)

send “vehNetId” to server, the server send it back to all client, then on client:

netVeh = NetworkGetEntityFromNetworkId(vehNetId)
carToMark = GetEntityCoords(netVeh, true)
DrawMarker(0, carToMark …)

I’m very confuse whit this for now, so, can someone can tell me if it’s the solution?


Sorry for necrobumping but did you figure it out?