Enjoying it so far!

User interface is great, scripts work great and suggestions / bugs are fixed within days. If you’re not a serious roleplayer and want to shoot first and then talk, this isn’t going to be the server for you. If you want to lose yourself in immersion living in a world where everyone is trying to flesh out their characters and build relationships over time while maintaining a serious roleplay mentality then this is definitely the place for you! I remember one lady posted a clip of herself showing that she was in a discord call while roaming the woods alone and two people approached her with their guns out and she immediately shot them without saying a word to them and then shot their characters heads off after they were downed. She got very defensive about the clip after the community reacted negatively to it and started trying to defend the poor quality of roleplay she provided and got super argumentative before the thread was finally closed by staff. I’m so glad staff takes roleplay seriously on this server. Excited to watch it grow!


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