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My first ever GTA FiveM Serious RP server. Back in Season One, my friend and I were looking for some more games to play / things to do, and we stumbled across this server. We were hooked day one. We had been looking for some RP servers in the past, and all the others servers were basically copy-paste of ESX and they offered no variety. The developer seriously knows what he is doing, and this server is seriously his passion project. He devotes a-lot of time to bugfixes and makes sure everything is running correctly. If not, he’ll definitely do his damndest to fix the problem ASAP. EncoreRP gets a solid 8/10 in my books. Love it here.

What is Encore?

Encore, in my opinion, is a community based RP server over everything. Don’t get me wrong, Encore has a beautiful and unique economy system, but at the end of the day, in the city of Encore, I’d rather be broke and meet so many new/familiar faces every day, then be the richest person in the city. Encore has seriously opened me up to new people I would’ve never met if it weren’t for the amazing community that this server has. You’re never going to meet 2 people with the same personality; everyone in this city is seriously unique.

"Economy Based Server" / Career System

This server advertises as a “Economy Based Server”, which can’t even get closer to the truth. Encore is a realistic economy driven server, and it really shows. You will work your ass off to get the car of your dreams, or to retire happily, but once you get there, it’s going to be very rewarding. You progress through the ranks of your career as you would in real life. The more time and effort you put into your career, the faster you’re going to get promoted and start getting benefits. Health Care, retirement checks, auto insurance, etc. You put in the dedication with your career, you’re going to get rewarded. Be careful though, some careers might demote you if you get caught doing crime! :slight_smile:

The Criminal Life

Encore has a variety of crimes to participate in. Whether you want to hold up Omar in one of the convenience stores, or plan out an elaborate bank heist, you can do it all. The crimes are definitely more about the roleplay scenario, rather than the payout(s). Want to do a little bit more of the “Behind the scenes/not shooting people” aspect? Become the best hacker in the city and help out your crew, so be it. The hacking in this server is pretty good, and it can give you a damn good adrenaline rush. :moneybag:

The Civilian Life

So you’re not a criminal mastermind? Don’t worry about it. Encore offers a multitude of careers to pursue, and multiple avenues to make money. Meet new people, make new friends, party it out. Go sight-seeing around the city with your friends, or work yourself towards a pilot license and fly around the city in style. Go gamble your spoils at The Diamond Casino. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and hit a jackpot or get 21 on a high stakes Blackjack hand. :wink:

First Responder Life

So, you’re not a criminal, but you’re looking for a bit more action? Sign up for SAMS [San Andreas Medical Services] or BSCO [Blaine County Sherriff’s Office] and help the city out. At SAMS, you work your way up the ranks helping people with their injuries and save people’s lives. Meeting several people every day, new and familiar, is one of the best parts about being SAMS personnel. Want to bring justice to the city? Go ahead and apply to BSCO and stop criminals in their tracks. Be careful though, sometimes the criminals of this city can be unpredictable and might catch you off guard and get the upper hand on you! :oncoming_police_car:

Thank you to all the dedicated staff at EncoreRP and all the amazing people I’ve met along the way. If you’re debating on joining Encore, I hope you do, this city is truly unique and amazing.

I’ll see you in the city. :slight_smile:

Jubbygubby [Alex Snow, Jacob Matthews, Zachary Matthews] <3


The comments above are accurate! I have never had an RP community feel more like home than this one! As soon as Season 2 was announced, I knew I was going to be here for the long haul! I hope to see some of you in city! <3

the_lady_liv (Alice Parks | Emily Sakura)


Thank you for the wonderful comments Jubby and Liv! :heart:

NEW: Department of Justice

Encore just launched our Department of Justice with attorneys, judges, and court cases! We have a brand new beautiful courthouse in Davis and an amazing set of private attorneys and public defenders!

In addition to criminal cases, attorneys can represent their clients in civil matters such as lawsuits, name changes, business licenses, etc.

We’ve already had some great cases, and are looking forward to adding more attorneys, public defenders, and prosecutors.

Join us today at https://discord.gg/encore!

Coming Soon: Dynasty 8 Real Estate!

We’re only weeks away from launching our completely custom real estate system with over 30 commercial and residential interiors to choose from. Buy beautiful houses, create custom persistent garages, (your cars stay where they are and don’t despawn!) and decorate to your heart’s desire with our library of over 800 furniture items.

BCSO is Hiring!

BCSO is looking for new recruits to join San Andreas most prestigious law enforcement agency! Patrol the streets of Los Santos and the surrounding counties while serving our community and stopping crime.

We are holding an accelerated academy this Saturday that any Cadet is welcome to attend. Any cadet who successfully completes the academy will be promoted directly to Deputy 1 solo patrol.

Apply for whitelist today at https://discord.gg/encore.

Dynasty 8 Real Estate is here!

We just launched our incredible, 100% custom real estate system. I could tell you all about our dozens of interiors, amazing furniture placement system, key sharing, Gruppe Sechs property audits, and more, but really you should just click here to check out the trailer on YouTube.

Apply for whitelist in our Discord at https://discord.gg/encore.