[EN] [US/UK] Exquisite Roleplay | New Server | Realistic Economy | Import Cars | Hiring Police & EMS

iconsm Server IP:
iconsm Server Discord: https://discord.gg/P4W3akN3RH

Who we are
Exquisite RP is a new server that has been a concept for over a year and has been in development for several months prior to our launch on June 1st 2021. Born out of frustration of buggy servers that are mismanaged and end up winding up on a dime, here at Exquisite RP we excel to be different.

We are a group of mature individuals looking for like minded role-players. While keeping things fresh with new content and offering players ample amount of freedom with the range of activities that you can engross yourself in, all we ask in return is to have fun and treat others how you want to be treated.

What we offer

  • Continued development - there is active development to keep server operating a tight ship. We welcome community suggestions and continually look to keep the content fresh.
  • Tons of import & vanilla vehicles - We have a range of hundreds of vehicles to choose from, custom as well as vanilla. All from PDM and reasonably priced too! Some even purchasable with starter money!
  • Realistic economy - We strive to be as realistic as possible and have priced items you can purchase from stores reasonably and have set job payouts accordingly.
  • Jobs - There are currently many legal and illegal activities that you can dip your toes into as soon as you hop in. Choose anything from package deliveries, fishing, hunting, wine as well as drug cultivation and manufacturing. Other illegal activities include money laundering, house robberies, jewelry and store robberies. There are plans and development on a range of further activities. Further, we are actively hiring for whitelist roles for the Police Department & EMS

iconsm If you’re looking for a new home or to get involved in RP, Please stop on by!

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Great server with a great community, definitely worth checking out. Great staff as well and very good built i hope i can play more with them in the future :smiley:

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Great city with a bunch of jobs and activities and cool people

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I’ve been playing this city in the early alpha and beta stages. This server has been really nice to play and watching it grow has been amazing, There is lots of Legal and illegal activities to do! and more being added. Active Devs & Staff to help with your issues.

Well worth playing and would recommend to friends.

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New Whip! So many Custom Imports.