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[EN] Island Life Roleplay Server - Realistic & Daily Updates

Island Life Roleplay is an exciting and immersive roleplay experience. The server model not only allows for in-depth character development, whether it be a Mafia Boss, Police Officer, Medic, Firefighter, Business Owner, Lawyer or much more, you’re able to progress your characters reputation by the daily interactions made with other players as well as expand your characters background by using our custom designed CAD which allows for easy use for both Civillian and Emergency Service roles. We have a high standard of development and roleplay, and aim to release updates containing new features, models, vehicles and interiors on a daily basis.

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What We Offer

  • Easy to use vMenu for all to use
  • Ability to create and customize your own characters to your needs.
  • Roleplay in a almost limitless number of job fields.
  • Hundreds of police and EMS skins
  • Custom police, EMS and civilian cars
  • Awesome scripts - slash tyres, spikestrips for cops, post code map, and much more!
  • Customized Police/EMS CAD (police computer) WITH IN-GAME INTEGRATION!
  • Medical Note system on CAD for EMS
  • Hardcore roleplay experience
  • Ability to develop your character's backstory in-depth
  • vMenu based roleplay providing a realistic and fun experience.
  • Daily updates!

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We're a mature community looking for members to help bring more roleplay opportunities - we accommodate almost any roleplay character you can think of!

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Fantastic community to be apart of, I personally found that the police department is well staffed with command who know what they are doing, and the experience of being apart of it is immersive and enjoyable. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to give it a shot, especially with whitelisting off right now.

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Server has now been changed to a menu server!
Start now at https://islandliferoleplay.com/start

Introducing our new welcome screen! Get STARTED today at https://islandliferoleplay.com/start