EMS Livery Pack (CARS INCLUDED) FREE! Made by Five Dealership

This was a custom order I got and the client was ok with it being a release so I’m making this out a free release! I hope you enjoy it!


Download pack here


nice it looks amazing :smiley:

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Could be useful to write that it’s non ELS :wink:

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realy nice cars :slight_smile:

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The ambulance has no Engine Sound on my Server. Is that normal?

May I ask who’s vehicles they are?
Because if I’m not mistaken most if not all of the time you have to be given permission from the vehicle developer(s) when you want to re-release their vehicle with a skin pack


I should have sound, if needed, go in and change the vehicles handling to match a GTA vehicle

You dont have to ask for permission to give out livery’s for the vehicles, but if you look at the download, it comes with a credits to where you can find the creators!

Hey dude, can you please take my car files out? I made the 2020 explorer and never gave you permission to reupload it.

Correct, but you do have to get the developers permission to reupload their vehicles to other sites for public download, example you gone and downloaded NorthernScotts 2020 tahoe made a skin for it and have uploaded his work and your work instead of just linking the vehicles in a credits file for people to go download the vehicles from those developers

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I don’t need permission, rather it is or isn’t, its posted on a LSPDFR with has a public TOS where all realer are for public use there for I can use any release from the as long as I give credit where credit is due, if you find that you have any issues with this, you can contact FiveM support :grin:

" Sharing content that is not yours is allowed as long as you credit the original author and don’t violate their terms/license. Try to contact the author via their contact information found on their profile, leaving a comment/reply, or by creating an issue (if it’s a repository). After allowing the original author time to reply (~1 week ) and you’ve not received a reply, you may use their content under the terms that you credit them and share your contact attempt (i.e. with a screenshot)."
gladly when ive received no request from you.

Contains content without permission