Ems can not revive

When an ems on my server has to revive a person because he has died and gets to the point he gets over the player and it comes out that there are no players nearby

Have you fixed the player loops?

I don’t know how that is?

Is that zap hosting moved the files and now they give me errors that I didn’t have before like this

I highly recommend not using zap.

But, because you have paid for them, in the mean time, you need to edit and recode some of your files.

The player loops are probably broken as you are yousing onesync. Look via the search function GetActivePlayers().

Where can you find those files to fix it?

I have already changed my server to contabo

You could pass me to get active players. My active player is

ESX.GetActivePlayers = function()
local maxPlayers = Config.MaxPlayers
local players = {}

for i=1, maxPlayers, 1 do

	local ped = GetPlayerPed(i)

	if DoesEntityExist(ped) then
		table.insert(players, i)

return players


Could you pass me your esx extended which is the one that fails?

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