Empire State Roleplay | vMenu Server | Teamspeak | 60+ Members | LOOKING FOR LEO | Custom EUPs |

ESRP is an upcoming FiveM roleplay server that strives for player activity, authentic roleplay, and community morale. Our server is currently in development, however we still do have the resources available to open the server to our playerbase in the discord. We’re looking for active players who can contribute to the overall well-being of our server. We have an active Staff and Development team that are constantly focused on creating Empire State Roleplay to make it more enjoyable for our community. We have Custom EUPS, Liveries, a wide variety of departments so anyone who wants to join can roleplay in whatever profession they choose!

Empire State RP Offers:

- Custom EUP and Liveries for LEO and Rescue Departments

- 60+ Implemented Vehicles

- Suggestion System for our community to be more involved in the making of ESRP

- Custom Civillian Vehicles

Currently looking to fill our LEO positions and grow our playerbase to get us ready for the servers release, come check us out!

Discord: Empire State Roleplay
Any questions feel free to DM me! (xxfuriousssxx)

bump! promo vid coming soon