Emergency Uniform Pack|Client/Server Sided|Easy Install|UPDATE 5.0 Announcement


No not fixed

Sorry had to step away for a few days, a family member passed. I’ve tried to do all the steps again and still no luck.

will this affect gta 5 eup for lspdfr

Update on EUP 5.0?

can i get some help as it is still not working

Literally, to fix my eup issue my file was [EUP} and I switched it to lowercase [eup] worked perfectly fine

This fix does still work. sorry about not being clearer. it goes in the eup menu client.lua

umm [EUP} cant work because the curly bracket type it [EUP]… is this even a problem

is the Email used for the FiveM Keygen the Same as the Email Used for the CFX.re Patreon ?

if it is Not the Same used to Obtain both the FiveM Key Gen + CFX.re Patreon your EUP will not Work…

Do I have to download the native ui separate

All TBD when Alex Release 9.0 Publicly

Can everyone see the clothes?

You can do [EUP] as your directory, then you have to put files in like the eup-stream, or eup-ui. In your server.cfg you would put start [EUP]. It will start everything in that folder

I search and search I can’t find any EUP 8.2 what I actually need I wanted to ask you if you have an 8.2 eup download

Hey man with 5.1 will there be a client sided?