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Community over Toxicity

Emergency Response: San Andreas is a public FiveM roleplay community that prides itself on having a community that pushes the limitations of roleplay. Founded in mid 2020, ER:SA has been slowly building up and getting ready to launch. With our welcoming community members, it’s quite easy for anyone and from anywhere to join and become apart of our family.

  • San Andreas Highway Patrol (SAHP)

  • Los Santos Police Department (LSPD)

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO)

  • San Andreas Fire Rescue (SAFR)

  • Civilian Operations (CIV)

  • San Andreas Game Warden (WARDEN)

  • Department of Justice (DOJ)

  • Department of Corrections (DOC)

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)

  • Blaine County Constables (PCT.5)


How do I get Allowlisted?

To become Allowlisted, you simple have to adhere to the rules and regulations by reacting to the checkmark reaction in #server-rules . Once done, relaunch FiveM to be let allowed to join.

How do I join a Police/Sheriff/Fire/etc. Department?

To join a department, you must first join that departments discord and see if they currently are accepting applications/trainings. If so, follow their steps to join.

  • Female Friendly Soon
Server Pictures

Connect: F8 “connect patrol.ersarp.net

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This server is amazing, great RP, excellent Staff, and always hard working to improve the server by each little and big steps into the future. Can’t wait for the August 2021 update!


Truly amazing server, been in it for a couple months and every patrol/rp sessions was very enjoyable to play in. The community is amazing, they can take a joke and personalities and lots of diversity between the people! Very much recommend for you to join.


Hey! For our all Females out there who wish to be law enforcement but can’t because the server doesn’t support it. Look no further. ER:SA is dedicated to being a community for all so we are slowly but surely ensuring that all departments have female variants for their uniforms. This is something we are really looking forward toward as it would allow anyone who wishes to play be able to player as their respective gender.

i would highly recommend this server great staff and really easy and get in

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Hello, Im am in the market for a new community. I have been Rp’ing since GTA iv days. I have both rp and RL background in both LEO and Fire. Which I see you have openings in. I would like to discuss more with you if this could be a good fit. Thank you for your time.

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For the next few days, ERSA’s doors will be open. This means, applications and interviews will NOT be required to become a whitelisted member. Only a training for your department will be required and sometimes that may even be excused if you show clear knowledge of your department. You are required to adhere to the Rules and Regulations. This is a recruitment event, so please take advantage of it. Follow the instructions in the server channel and please read over everything. You will be ranked as “Recruit” or if you want to become a higher rank and you show clear interest and knowledge DM me (DM me again if you have already asked and I didn’t respond).


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We are now a Public Server!

New Department Fleets!

ER:SA is looking for another Deputy Director AND Community Coordinator! As ER:SA has started to welcome new family members into the community and wishes to expand our roleplay experience. With this, we want new faces in administration! Some information regarding these positions:

  • Must be able to assist in financial obligations related to the server
  • Must be of at least 16 years of age
  • Must be mature and have good standing within ERSA and FiveM as a whole
  • Must have no current record of leaking (If you were unbanned and have shown that you no longer do so, you can still apply)
  • Must be able to dedicate time to ER:SA

If you fit these requirements or would like to ask a question, please DM me on DISCORD! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: