Emergency lights on moded cars are not working properly

Hi, I have i problem with server-streamed police car models. Emergency lights are not working properly, strobes just “change colors” and dont glow light. On one car, it works quite good but its just because placement of lights on top of the car. I tried to install visuallsettings.dat to my client and “carvariations.meta” but it still doesn´t work. If somebody know how to solve this, please tell me. Thanks a lot.

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some cars might need custom made siresettings in the carcols.ymt etc youre probably missing the siren pattern etc and carvariation might be in the wrong spot

Siren settings? Sirens are working good, only problem is in lights, they are not glowing light.

some vehicle makers have used their own special siren patters which might be needed or might not bee depends on file like carvar says sirensettings1 well thats only for certain cars then u have round lightbars all that dualbar orange led and also can add custom ones too thats why some lights work some dont, but it could also be the wrong carvar setup depends how the car was made, always read the info with the download of the cars contains info of what you need to add

Alright then, but in files with that cars was not settings, only car files. But thank you, I´ll try my best.