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Emerald Valley Roleplay

Are you ready to join a vibrant and welcoming community? Look no further than Emerald Valley Roleplay! We are an active community with custom emergency services vehicles, liveries, EUP, and even server sided sirens! We are actively looking for members, staff, and department members!

Our server features
Custom Cad
300+ Custom vehicles
Custom LEO and FD Vehicles
Custom EUP
Server Sided Sirens

Our departments

San Andreas State Police: Uphold the law with professionalism and dedication. Our state police department offers in-depth training and exciting challenges for those ready to protect and serve.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: Keep the peace in the rural areas of Blaine County. Join a tight-knit team focused on community and safety.

Los Santos Police Department: Navigate the bustling streets of Los Santos as part of our elite police force. From high-speed chases to intense investigations, every day brings new challenges.

San Andreas Fire & Rescue: Be a hero in the community! Our fire and rescue department is always ready to respond to emergencies and save lives.

San Andreas Communications Department: Behind every successful operation is a skilled communications team. Join us to coordinate responses and ensure the safety of our citizens.

How to join

Just join our discord! If you’re interested in LEO/FD, just go to our department application channel and apply!

Discord: Emerald Valley Roleplay Community

We are looking for SAFR, SACD, and BCSO department heads aswell as SASP staff and EVRP staff! Join discord today!

Bump! Still hiring for the above positions!

Bump! Still looking for department heads, command, and staff!

Bump! SASP and BCSO hiring command and patrol! Still looking for SAFR, SACD, and SADOT department heads! Join the discord to apply today!


Bump! Looking for staff, command, and department heads!

Bump! Looking for a fire chief! We are getting completely custom EUP for the department currently! Other heads needed aswell! We have also decided to remove DOT from our department list due to low demand.

Bump! First RP is tonight!

Bump! We are still looking for a Fire Chief and Dispatch director. Apply in the discord!

Bump! We are looking for a dispatch director! All other departments are hiring members, supervisors, and command! Join to apply today!

BCSO, SASP, and SAFR are all looking for members and command! Join to apply today!!

Bump! Still needing a SACD director!

Bump! SASP Is looking for a K-9 head, SRT head, CID Head, and command! Join to apply today! All other depts needing command and members!


We are now needing a new fire chief! I will throw some requirements below as our recent candidates have been less than favorable

Must be active
Must be able to get the department open within a week (All you need is documents and a dept discord)
2+ years of FD/EMS experience
2+ years of command experience in FD/EMS

If interested, please join the discord and open a ticket!

We also need a SACD Head, same requirements as above!

Bump! We just added tons of new vehicles. Join to check em out!

Bump! We just added server sided sirens for all departments. Join to check it out!

Bump! Looking for a fire chief, and dispatch director!