Ember | Serious Roleplay | Discord Whitelisted | Actively hiring PD, EMS & DOJ | Player Ran Businesses | Server Graphics | Streamer Friendly | Active Staff | Awesome Community | In city mechanics for gang creation | Zero Store Advantages

Ember is fantastic community filled with creative characters and full of stories! I have been with Ember since March 2024 and I would say while the numbers are low currently there never seems to be a dull day or moment. I would 100% recommend checking out the community if you a new or experienced roleplayer its a fantastic family to be apart of!

Drought (aka CPT Mike Redd, Charles Shillington)


I have absolutely loved playing on Ember RP. It has been a wonderful server with an amazing community backing it. I have been an active member since March 2024 and can say without a doubt this server is going places. Even know numbers currently are low, I believe this server will become a home and hub for many. Would definitely recommend giving Ember RP a chance for anyone seasoned or new to the RP world.

Brandawg2431 (aka Sgt Parker Daniels, Connor Dawson)


EmberRP: i’ve had some real good experiences on this server. The staff are good and community oriented. Issues are taken seriously and resolved quickly. They take great care and listen to the community feedback. Been here for around 2 1/2 months and I can say city has great potential. The player average may be a lil low but its getting there! I highly recommend the server!


hi sir,how can i get discord` identifier ?


Hey Chris,

You’ll need to join the EmberRP discord here, and make sure you have discord open before you open FiveM:


This server and community have been really great, I have played GTA RP for over 12 years, starting on GTA San Andreas, and have never before found a community that I feel so at home with until Ember.

I highly invite more people that want a chance to show off their unique character ideas, and would like to take part in cool roleplay scenarios. There is so much to do for every kind of character, legal or illegal, and the police actually care about having good roleplay, not winning every time.

The main developer on the server devotes so much time and effort into making the little things PERFECT on the server, making sure to not overly focus on one certain area, (civilian, criminal, cop) everyone gets their much needed attention, and when something is brought up it is quickly addressed and very heavily communicated about with all involved.


If you are looking for a city with great RP? thisis the spot for you! i have been apart of this city for a few months and i love it! They are always improving & trying to make the city better! Its worth checking out!


My first “live” server I’ve been on(previous is a zombo server) and I have enjoyed it immensely. Would recommend giving it a try!


This server has been amazing! Its my first “regular” city (was previously on a zombie/apocalyptic server). I was terrified to RP on a regular city but I have had so much fun on Ember. Everyone has been so welcoming and awesome.

The staff are all astounding, you can tell how much they love and care about the server. They listen to feedback and ask for suggestions regularly. Anytime any issues arise, they are very quick to figure it out and fix it.

If you’re looking for a new city, absolutely give Ember a try!


Come check us out and check our latest clips on


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  • The Bar Exam at the Courthouse is now functional and open for those interested in becoming a lawyer.
  • DOJ & Lawyers are both available in the Services app to contact/message when they are needed.


  • Flying out while jailed will no longer cause issues when flying back in.
  • Prison Jobs are more rewarding with reducing time off your prison sentence.
  • Prison Jobs are more rewarding and won’t leave you feeling so empty handed as much.


  • Santos, Sandy & Paleto now use their own weather cycles, so when moving from one zone to the other you’ll notice the weather will change.
  • Sandy now uses the new Sandstorm weather.
  • Storm Warnings(Server Restarts) will now display on mobile phones as a Storm Warning instead of the old txAdmin alert.

Weed Strains

  • Weed Strains are now available for characters to come across and find out about IC.

Coming up…

A couple things didn’t make this list, but can be expected to be ready soon, such as…

  • Housing updates.
  • Alcohol & Drug use updates.
  • Music related updates.
  • Pets!
  • & More!

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Boxville trucks now have enough trunk space to complete work runs.
  • The ped who buys hunting items will no longer disappear.
  • Crafting advanced lockpicks will no longer give 2.
  • Tackle keybind reset for everyone and now defaults as the left alt key.
  • The chance of ragdolling with a leg injury reduced.
  • Menu/Progressbar adjustments - All scripts will now correctly use the same style.
  • Multiple people may no longer use the same ATM at the same time.
  • Restaurant businesses have more prop options available for their products.
  • Sprays placed down by gangs will no longer show up as blips on the map.
  • Issues preventing holding multiple PostOP packages fixed.
  • Cruise control for vehicles removed.
  • Multiple inventory item images updated & missing ones added.
  • Issues where attaching a rope to an atm would attach it to the player no longer happens.
  • Texture issues at Sandy PD fixed.
  • Failing to lockpick inside a vehicle no longer places you outside the vehicle.
  • Several new vehicles added to the rental places.
  • Inventory description design cleaned up a little.
  • PD Purchasing their weapons through armory will register them the same as Ammunition.
  • 3 New PD Vehicles.
  • Beekeeping fixes & selling of honey/wax.
  • & More, which’ll be found once your character comes across them.
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