"Embedded PC" - PC DOS 7.0?

When trying to start FiveReborn, it loads up into the Server Selector menu, begins to load up all the servers, then goes to a grey screen where at top it says “Embedded PC” and begins to load up these files. Once it’s loaded it shows this weird color-collage of symbols and such, then moves into a CMD.exe looking thing, asking to install PC DOS 7.0 or something like that.

Anyone know what this is, why it’s happening, ect? Tried searching on here and found absolutely nothing.

I’m getting the same error even after a restart.

i think they got hacked

This is related it seems: http://forum.fivereborn.com/topic/929/launcher-sucks

Breach of the actual server list was the cause it seems. Still a pretty big security flaw then to fix.