[ELS] 2016 FPIU | Stealth Unit| Full Front Flood| Duo Color lighting

2016 ford police interceptor Stealth unit V3.rar (23.5 MB)


  • Full Front Flood

  • Duo Lights colors - alternating red and blue

  • Created to focus on stealth

  • Full Interior Equiptment

  • Working Takedown Feature while on Front Flood

  • Light In rear Window Opens with hatch

Known Issues:

-Windows are Bullet proof




  • So many more


  • Ford explorer Base model purchased by Thehurk, GTAxB0SS, Requiem and Windows446
  • Poly Crunched, Textured, Converted by Thehurk.
  • Interior purchased by TrentMU and FRGamer
  • Textures by Taylor Swift, Thehurk, & OfficerUnderwood
  • Heavily edited this piece of shit into a polished piece of shit by OfficerUnderwood
  • Rims by BxBugs123, Centercap by Carper
  • Interceptor Hood text by GTAxB0SS
  • I’m not gonna add my fuckin’ name 5 billion times to get attention like a crack smokin’ faggot

LINZ6 Light Modules: Scratch Modeled by Five0
LINZ6 Texture: Five0

Raptor Visor Bar & Virtue8 TA: Scratch Modeled by BlueGhost
STL Texture: BlueGhost

Merry Christmas ya goons

Modeled by HuskyBaud

D&R 17 Elite
Dectar Gen w/ Remote
Westine Elite XD
Window Bars

Modeled by HP Deskjet

AD3-M Plate Readers
PIPS plate readers
iFORCE MDC setup
Live PD Puck
Surface Mount Multiband Puck
Toronto Arrowboard
D&R Prowler

Partition - Unknown
Converted By The terminator


The stealth Fleet Has been completed. i will nolonger be uploading stealth like FPIU’s However there are many other cars and vehicle i will be creating in the near future. all bugs and reported Bugs have been Fixed, besides the bullet proof Windows they will be patched in a later patch in the near future.


Looks awesome!

that links to a video… not anyone

Thank you for the support

Fixed it sorry

Hi, I was wondering how I could fix the empty purple template thing. I believe I am missing something, but I have installed everything from the download folder. I mean, everything I tought I had to install.

Can you help me out?

Kind regards,

do you have openiv? if so you can go into the ytd and make the skin unmarked.

Yes I do but what files do I have to edit/remove?

export the template from openiv then import into Photoshop, and paint the skin, i belive if you have the skin i put in the ytd just put it in the HI.ytd, as it may be glitching out.