Elk-animationplayer [STANDALONE] [NUI]

This resource, for RedM, will help you test and try out animations from all the animation dictionaries.

The script is free to download and change in any way, but you cant redistribute it as your own.

I created this script because it is essential in finding good animations to add into an already made animation script for roleplaying servers. Without this type of script you are limited to the strings in the dictionaries, which is often long and or weird.

With this you can try out how many animations you want from the hundred of thousands you can find on example (RDR2 DB - Mooshe.TV | Animations).

The script can be downloaded on github.

If you are exeperiencing any problems or issues, please post and issue on github. I would also make my day if you star or comment on the repository or this thread. Thanks!


This resource is now update to support change in animflags.

can you explain how to use ?

You can type /animplayer in the chat to bring up the UI.

There you can put in a anim Dictionary and a anim name and and anim flag to play it.

On the website RDR2 DB - Mooshe.TV | Animations you can find the animation directionaries, with the anim names inside of it. For example.
animDictionary = [email protected][email protected]
anim name is for example: hold_cards_cheat_enter

The anim flag is the way the character is going to do it. This is what vespura natives said about flags.
Odd number : loop infinitely
Even number : Freeze at last frame

For example. 25 would only do the animation on the upper body and loop, which would mean you can have an animation while walking or running.

This script is only for educational use, this is not optional for an roleplaying server, its more for a dev server to look for good animations to use in scripts.

If you yet to understand, please describe your concern again.

Pushed an update on github.
Fixed an issue with animflags. Now it should work properly.