What is ESRP? What is it really about?

  • Elevation Spring Roleplay is much more than just a community, we are a true family that offers 5 star fiction gaming roleplay content for your entertainment. We are all about our members and making a good effort in fulfilling their needs and wants. Our members are the reason we are here, they are the reason that we put so much hard work into the servers because without YOU, None of this would be possible, so we value all of our members. We also understand that this is just a VIDEO GAME and everyone has priorities in real life that comes first. Which is why we are here for our members 100%, this means that we will speak to our members and try to help them with anything they may be going through In real life because it’s not just about the community stuff but its about having a peace of mind and knowing you have true friends that you can depend on for anything without being judge. We keep all private discussions confidential so that we can continue to build trust among our members.
  • We understand that some people like roleplaying to get away from stressful life events and when you come to our family you can rest assured that there will be no stress added to your plate. We are indeed a family and we are here to help you in any way we can.
  • We value all of our members’ opinions and we treat everyone with respect regardless of rank. We train our CoC to respect and help all of our members no matter what. Our CoC is held at a much higher standard and no one position is permanent, if you do not uphold the duties of your role CONSISTENTLY you will lose that position. We want all of our members to feel welcome and appreciated at all times.
  • We focus on having fun, meeting new people, maturity, entertainment, comedy, and professional RP. So if this fits what you are looking for then don’t wait another second, WELCOME HOME FAMILY.
  • This is a realistic mature community, we are very well structured and organized. If you are tired of the Failed PR and non sense scenarios that never make sense then Elevation Spring RP is the home for you. We value our members here and we put our members at the top.

TIME ZONE: Eastern Standard

We base all of our time off EST, so anytime you reference a time to us we will automatically assume it in the EST, so be sure to convert any specified time to that time zone so that everyone is on the same page. Thank You!

True Realism Living & Roleplay

This is a realistic community and now you can learn how realistic it is from a different perspective because we roleplay everything out to the very end. Some scenarios may take up to days, weeks, or months before it’s completed. It just depends on how the civilian sets it up and how other parties involved such as other Civilians, EMS, Fire, and LEO carry it out or investigate it for results.

Now look through the eyes of the roles below to learn their view on things


Just like In real life, before you become anything, the first thing you become is a civilian from the moment you are born. Learning the way of life and how to survive as a civilian is key to any Career path that you may take in your San Andreas Life. Civilians are the pot of GOLD in this community because everything is surrounded by our civilians. We encourage all of our civilians to think outside the box and be creative with all their scenarios and to have a purpose plan for all their characters before they are created.

Every interaction you do as a civilian should not always be a negative interaction with law enforcement. You may create characters that’s married or dating other characters and go out on dates. Find a cop that is your favorite and try to befriend that individual.

What Can I do as a civilian? The sky’s is not the limit because beyond the sky there is a universe so you can go higher than the sky if you chose to do so.

  • Go out on dates
  • Race
  • Hiking
  • Bar Hop
  • Peaceful House Party (Peaceful Lol….Yea Right)
  • Shopping Spree
  • Job Hunt
  • Own a Business
  • Sell Drugs
  • Run a Gang
  • Just Live Free
  • & Much More


Our EMS personnel are all about patient care and making sure our citizens of San Andreas Survive and have the best medical care possible. We are not here to judge if someone is a criminal or not….that’s for the police to decide, our main goal is to provide medical care to them even if it’s just hearing them vent.

Our duty is not over just because the patient has been transported to the hospital. We really do care about all of our citizens, which is why even after transport, you may have an EMS personnel do a follow up with you days, weeks, and even months after the call. It’s more to it then just sitting around the fire station or hospital waiting on the next call. We take pride in our job and public relations is key, which is the reason we take our job to the streets to interact with everyone and teach them about the job and mainly to learn about the different individuals in our community.


Our Fire Department is an Elite department that does a lot more than just put out fires. We also deal with all HAZMAT incidents, Medical Calls, Collapse incidents, Vehicle accidents, Commercial and residential Fire Alarm soundings, CO detecting, Person on a Stalled Elevator, Person Threatening to jump, and much more.

Life Safety is our first priority then saving property is our second priority. We take pride in our job. During active hours you won’t find us just sitting at the firehouse because we will be out interacting with our community. We go to schools, residents, churches, businesses, and many more to speak about fire safety and to show the tools we have and their purpose. We learn the different types of building construction within our community and train on the tools we have on a daily basis.


We are here to Protect our citizens. The big question is, What are we protecting them from? We are here to protect our citizens from any preventable incident. This can mean all of the following but not limited to: becoming a victim of a vehicle accident or being robbed or worse.

How do we Protect our citizens? We do this by actively patrolling our community, Enforcing the laws of San Andreas by all means, holding everyone accountable for their actions, being knowledgeable of the community and job, being proactive, building a rapport with the citizens within our community, paying attention to detail and always on alert, following up with all open investigation, and much more.

We are here to Serve our citizens. You may ask yourself, how do Police serve the community? We serve our community by helping our citizens. This can be done by all of the following but not limited to: helping a citizen change a bad tire, pushing a disable vehicle off the road, buying lunch for a known homeless person, helping the elderly cross the street, going above your call of duty to make sure our citizens are happy.

Being in the law enforcement field is much more than looking at everyone as a criminal or waiting on someone to break the law. We strive to bring peace and the best outcome to all incidents and situations. We treat everyone with respect and as our own loved one, but we still have to do our job.

Server Information & Links:

Age Requirements

LEO 18+ yrs of age (NO EXCEPTION) ( But if your not 18 we do have the CSO department to get you your LEO experience which will prepare you when you meet the age requirement and you can still Rank Up in this special department)

Fire/EMS 18 yrs of age

Communication (Dispatch) 18+ yrs of age

Community Service Officer (CSO Law Enforcement) 17 yrs of age & YOUNGER

Civilian 18+ yrs of age


If you want to join Elevation Spring RP, Please review the requirements: Application Requirements - Google Docs and Agreement: Application Agreement Document - Google Docs
If you meet the requirements and you are still interested please Apply at Elevation Spring RP Application
Don’t forget to join our discord: Elevation Spring Roleplay Community
We are waiting on you and ready to assist you and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

You must Read/Understand/Agree to all the rules and react appropriately please.


  1. Everyone will need to complete training in the server as a civilian before you get trained for any other department.
  2. After you have successfully completed your your training and 3 patrols as a civilian with at least an hour each patrol in the server as a civilian, if you want to go into another profession as a first responder, you may submit an application via discord for any LEO, Fire, or EMS position.
  3. Remember, applying for a position will not guarantee you getting that position. It depends on what’s available and who is the better candidate for that position.
  4. You will get a call on your cellphone while on patrol letting you know the status of your application, if accepted you can set up an interview at that time over the phone.
  5. Interviews at that time will ONLY be conducted in game, with the Department head and an FTO if available.
  6. After you have been selected for the position, your training will start right away which can last a few hours to a few patrols which will be at the discretion of the Department head.
  • There is no room for failed RP at any time and all members must follow all rules.

The Employment Opportunities

Job Openings (Below are a list of jobs with open positions). For all whitelisted job, make sure you meet all the requirements prior to submitting an application unless it will be automatically denied.


Job Openings…No Application/Interview Required

  • Car Dealer
  • Bus Driver
  • Fisherman
  • Miner
  • Lumberjack
  • Reporter
  • Butcher
  • Fueler
  • Tailor
  • Technician
  • Lawyer



Interview will take place in-game only, so answer your cellphone when in-game because you never know it could be a recruiter calling to set up an interview if you applied.

Everyone will start at the bottom and work their way up the ranks.

  • LEO (Blaine County Sheriff Office, Los Santos Police Department, & San Andreas State Patrol)
  • Judge
  • Lawyer
  • Mechanics

Sub Divisions

  • Internal Affairs (IA)
  • Aviation
  • Motorbike Unit
  • Bike Unit
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU)
  • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI and/or DUI)
  • Coast Guard
  • K-9 Unit
  • Special Tactical Team (STT)
  • Drugs & Weapons Operation Unit (DOU)
  • Federal Operations Team (FOT)

Everyone will need to join the main discord: Elevation Spring Roleplay Community to get setup with their roles, rules, and duties.

Community Staff Team (Ranking Positions)

Owner - Firefighter9517

Director - Christian S.

Administrator Staff
Survival Amazon88

Learn more about our Staff:

As of 1/01/2021
IRL I’m 35 yrs old & a FIrefighter/EMT, Tactical Medic, & a Certified 911 Dispatcher. My schedule can get hectic at times with my long shifts, which can go up to 4 days straight with overtime of course. I enjoy going paintball shooting & playing chess. I’m a family & Church oriented person. I’m not perfect by far & I still have a lot to learn but I’m striving to be better everyday. I have been working in this community for about a year before I finally opened the doors to you awesome individuals. I like gaming and RP’ing a lot. I have invested thousands of dollars into this community & I want to share it with good people & build something much more than just a community but a REAL FAMILY. I’m down to earth, I like to have fun like anyone else. Being a server owner should never change who you are so you will never see me getting big headed about my position & I will not tolerate any CoC to behave in than manner as well, because they will lose their position faster than they EARNED it, because after all, I want each & every last one of you to help make this possible. I also own Missouri State Best FivePD Server as well & I have great plans for these communities & the members. I’m here to help all of you the best way I can & to make your gaming experience excel with each patrol. Being in Law Enforcement for a few years really helped with a lot of things because I was able to learn so many different skills & now that I’m a firefighter/EMT, Tactical Medic, & Certified Dispatcher, I am able to channel all of those things in my everyday life to help others in many different situations. I do have my degree as well. I’m all about helping others, giving people second chances, & the benefit of the doubt. I honestly feel that if our members are not ELEVATING within the ranks then I am failing them because we are all about giving all of our members the opportunity to ELEVATE In Elevation Spring RP.

Don’t wait another second, join our family now and see for yourself.


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