Element Club not showing up for me!

I bought my patreon again and my eup isn’t working in game. It’s been about 10 hours or so. Any help? Thanks!!!


Still nothing

Your account says you got it though? what exactly is the issue?

My account doesn’t show I have it and my eup won’t work. It’s been 2 days now

Your forums account does, it shows it right beside your avatar. are you sure you got EUP set up correctly?

It was working before with no issues!

Ok so again, what is the issue? is there an error message? anything to work off of?

It’s working now!

how did u fix

I don’t have it either its been like 1 day now

Looks like you all have it. make sure you create a key and setup eup correctly.

Do I need to regenerate key? i dont think i have the element club yet.