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Here we have the self proclaimed “King of Los Santos” Rico Strong, getting questioned by some of the LSPD’s finest.

Lost MC is always up to no good! Probably burying a body or something.

I think the citizens of Los Santos deserve to know where their tires have been going. New discoveries show…


September 16, 2021

Emergency Service EUP
    Updates to Department of Corrections Badges & Patches
    New Uniform Design for Blaine County Sheriff's Office
        Short & long sleeve design changes
        Winter jacket addition
        Wildlife long & short sleeve
        Supervisor sweater
    New duty belt, holsters, radios, windbreakers
    General optimizations
Department of Corrections
    Provided MDT access
    Paychecks updated
    Cuff & Escort no longer crashes user
    Searching error corrected
    Changed Prison Bus & Crown Vic license plates
    Changed label on Beanbag Shotgun
Vehicle Handling
    Updated Police Charger (09/14) handling lines
    Updated custom import car handling lines
    Updated locally spanwed vehicle handling lines (still a work in progress, not all cars impacted)
Slightly increased bank truck explosion delay
Reverted trucking job truckers for hire to 5
General bug fixes
    Fixed mechanic bulling (F3)
    Fixed players freezing upon spawn (again)
    Fixed rental boats. Will now spawn with 100% gas
    Fixed recipes not consuming blueprints