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Arjun having a good time with some of his buddies! Look at them play pool under Auto Exotic. I wonder who’s winning?

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Tons of car shows at Auto Exotic and all over the city. Buy a GTAV or custom car and come show it off!

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September 6, 2021


  • Added Dept of Corrections Uniform
  • Added missing Dept of Corrections F3 tools
  • Added missing Dept of Corrections armory items
  • Added missing ammo boxes at ammunation
  • Added cylinders to ammunation


  • Fixed missing eGO Hoodies
  • Removed default weapon draw animation
  • Weapon parts now stack
  • Removed hammerwirecutters from pawn shops
  • CEO Upgrades balanced to match requirements
  • Dealership prices adjusted
  • Diving economy changes (better rewards, can now find treasure!)
  • Car upgrade changes

Bug Fixes

  • Multicharacter Console Errors
  • Fixed unpurchaseable shop items (weapon skins / parachutes / fertilizer)
  • Fixed not being able to self admit when downed
  • MDT / Character Selector not displaying phone number
  • Phone number issues with 911 calls
  • Cross character contact syncing
  • Starting cash economy issue
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the Police Departments are always doing our best to create new operations utilising SWAT

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Burgershot is always willing to serve hungry customers as long as your patient! Make sure to stop by some time for some delicious food.

[5:46 PM]

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We have recently been working on custom EdgeGamers Clothing apparel, and it is finally live! Check out the Auto Exotic boys in their head to toe eGO Drip!

[1:26 PM]

The citizens of Los Santos got together for a “Goth Night” at the Vanilla Unicorn. A cash prize was awarded to the best dressed while goth music was blasting.


September 8, 2021


  • Add Route 68 repair spot
  • Add cop check for Vangelico safe
  • Added missing ammo to ammunation
  • Updated Police 09/14 Charger handling
  • Updated 370z / BRZ13 handling
  • Added Harley custom motorcycle
  • Added blip for Vangelico


  • Changed how phone number is generated
  • QOL changes on racing app (Notifications, UI)
  • Removed double blips in mechanic shops
  • Adjusted alert type for store robberies and Vangelico
  • Changed ammo names in ammunation
  • Changed max drivers to 10 for trucking
  • Changed fuel consumption rates
  • Changed CEO business upgrades

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed DOC Uniform Textures
  • Fixed text messages not showing
  • Fixed DOC handucffs
  • Paleto Motorcycle vehicle spawn location
  • Fix DOC boss menu
  • Fixed spamming mining when mining
  • Diving and mining exceeding inventory limit

We have an active Department of Corrections, which is now hiring!
More information can be found here

Hunting the deep seas for hidden treasure!

Just a few bros hanging out in the hot tub after a long day of work. The weather isn’t looking too great for this kind of hang out.

Department of Corrections at work, huge lockdown at Bolingbroke!

The department of corrections is actively growing, do you want to join them?

Active mechanic shops all around Los Santos!

Here’s our best pal DJ getting ready to rip the streets on his new bike!

Record numbers today! The police force was a force to be reckoned with tonight.

The Lost MC gets a brand new motorcycle dealership, lets see how they run it!

Weapon attachments are epic

Come check out PDM, fully stocked showroom filled with different variety of vehicles!

Average Andy ready to start a towing company!