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About EdgeGamers

EdgeGamers Organization is a gaming community supporting online games since 2006. For the last five years, EdgeGamers has had a FiveM server to provide a serious roleplay environment welcoming to all players of all calibers. Whether you’re a seasoned roleplay veteran or needing to learn the ropes, our server and our community members will help you become immersed in our servers environment while developing lasting friendships.




Visit #how-to-join, type %apply to fill out the whitelist form.

EdgeGamers Forums https://www.edgegamers.com/

EdgeGamers Discord https://discord.com/edgegamersgta


Quick Features List

  • Clean, customizable user interface
  • Support for multiple characters
  • Clean inventory script with vehicle inventories
  • Radial menu for server functions, less chat commands
  • Police K9 Script
  • Custom Emergency Service Vehicles (Police & EMS)
  • GABZ Mission Row PD & Pillbox
  • Custom EUP Designs
  • Evidence system for investigations
  • Police/Mechanic Vehicle Impound
  • Player owned convenience stores, gas stations, gun stores
  • Mechanic script with custom vehicle damage
  • Arcade with multiplayer minigames
  • Functioning Pool Tables
  • Trucking Simulator Job
  • Player owned dealerships & custom vehicles
  • Fishing, Garbage, Bus Driving, Fast Food, Delivery Jobs
  • Courthouse & Functional DOJ System
  • Weapon and Item Crafting
  • House & Money Truck Robberies
  • Car Robberies
  • Drug Heists & Drug Selling
  • Prison Interior & Department of Corrections
  • Injury & Skeletal System

Whitelisted Jobs

Law Enforcement

All Law Enforcement Departments are run and managed by roleplayers who have been roleplaying Law Enforcement for over 6 years and playing within the EdgeGamers server for all four and a half years of it’s life. With comprehensive standard operating procedures and law guidelines, both police and civilians are provided with a serious, developed and immersive Law Enforcement experience.

  • San Andreas State Police
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriffs Office
  • Department of Corrections

EMS & Pillbox Doctor Staff

  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue
  • Pillbox EMS
  • Pillbox Medical Staff, Doctors & Nurses

Department of Justice

  • Lawyers & Public Defenders
  • Judges
  • District Attorney’s Office
  • District Attorney’s Investigators

Car Dealerships & Mechanics

  • Sunrise Auto Dealer
  • Premium Deluxe Motorsports
  • Austinson’s Auto Body
  • Auto Exotics Repair


Upcoming Features

  1. Fishing Improvements, Hunting, Improved Wildlife
  2. Bank Heists & Pacific Standard Heist
  3. Racing Scene Update w/ Better Race Management & Super Cars Imported
  4. Casino Gaming & Gambling

Server Screenshots














Additional Screenshots w/ Server Features















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Dang this sounds like a pretty good server, gonna have to check it out!

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Server is full of a vast amount of different avenues of RP always an enjoyable time when I hope on the server. Ive met a lot of great people on this server that have become my good friends in and out of RP highly recommend this server to anyone new !

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Have been on this server for a long time now and have made some pretty awesome roleplay memories. If you’re someone who is a seasoned roleplayer or just starting out but sick and tired of those silly public servers with a bunch of clowns roaming around and want that serious roleplay experience, this is the server for you. Apply today and get started in a city that promotes and rewards those who facilitate and create serious roleplay.

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Server Changelogs!

Changelog 7/3/2021

  • Added new money washing system, (totally was supposed to test this before it went to live) but it is working, tested finally.

Take the time to figure out the location, the old one will go away… and no, this one doesn’t alert the cops… soo HAVE FUN!

  • Disabled valet, dev is aware of the issues with it.
  • Removed recipe items for now until crafting is fixed.
  • Removed command /carsearch + Fixed cop requirements for drugs, it was set to 0 for testing, ops.
  • Enabled Launder Blips
  • Savings account and ecommerce shared account fix
  • time / weathersync update from auth
  • Fixed shared vehicle inventory for gas, store, and trucking jobs
  • Disabled valet, dev is aware of the issues with it.
  • Removed recipe items for now until crafting is fixed.
  • Removed command /carsearch
  • Fixed cop requirements for drugs, it was set to 0 for testing, ops.
  • Enabled Launder Blips
  • Savings account and ecommerce shared account fix
  • time / weathersync update from auth
  • Fixed shared vehicle inventory for gas, store, and trucking jobs

Changelog 06/29/21


  • Added car wash script
  • Added braces to medical armory
  • Added helipad teleport circle at pillbox for police
  • Added 30 new garbage locations
  • Added scrap to garbage bins
  • Added new discord rich presence (buttons)
  • Added carjacks to mechanic shops
  • Added LostMC gas station


  • Fixed all police notifications to outlaw alerts rather then chat.
  • Fixed shots fired calls
  • Fixed police triggering outlaw alerts
  • Fixed radial menu MDT
  • Fixed Fishing, no longer spams messages
  • Fixed character selection, update broke loading the character
  • Fixed weapon durability
  • Fixed gold ore label to gold in pawnshop


  • Updated EMS job titles / labels (pillbox)
  • Updates ped density (increased)
  • Updated Inventory from 1.7.5 to 1.7.7 (Just released) ~ updates from author
  • Updated spawn select, Multichar, identity ~ updates from author
  • Updated phone ~ updates from author
  • Updated garbage job economy
  • Updated uber economy
  • Optimized fishing script
  • Removed green connect/disconnect message from chat
  • Removed old ambulance pharmacy
  • Removed teleport circle at casino that lead to nowhere
  • Removed postal 141 drug job (until fixed)
  • Removed duplicate medical garage at pillbox
  • Removed some liquor stores, more details to come (or discover)
  • Removed boss society funds menu from PDM and sunrise
  • Removed vehicle restriction for displaying cars in PDM and Sunrise

Server Changelog as of 7/13/2021

New Job: Bus Driving

  • Added TrackyServer vote reward (/vote , /checkvote)
  • Added two custom vehicles (Drift Sultan & FocusRS)
  • Added BurgerShot to welfare checks
  • Added livery’s for Police Harley
  • Opened up new Mineshaft for mining job
  • Gas job plates now have numbers (like store/trucking logistics)
  • Auto Exotic
    • Removed explosive torch
    • Make a lot of props dynamic/animated
    • Pool table now functional
    • Added LODs to its billboards
    • 1 new billboard


  • Fixed Great Ocean Highway local 911 calls
  • Fix female ped health, same as males
  • Hospital now cleans blood damage once treated
  • Fixed BurgerShot payment system

Visit #how-to-join, type %apply to fill out the whitelist form.

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The community is grate I love the rp on this server I really recommend it and highly recommend checking it out we have new things come out all the time


So here’s the deal. Edgegamers has been around a long time, FAR longer than I have, I’ve got a year or so of game time with them under my belt. With that said, with the launch of the whitelisted server, you can feel that the community and the server are going places. A new emphasis has been placed on the player experience as a whole by providing new and interesting jobs, all sorts of new mechanics and UI changes and ongoing map updates provided by the dev time per player requests to enrich the experience as a whole.

We have a Lost MC GAS STATION, logos and everything. The Leadership and Development team show their dedication to the server with their constant updates, surveys and communication.

The Events team puts their blood, sweat and tears into creating fun, exciting, goofy, serious and all around enjoyable events to get new and old roleplayers involved and interacting. They bring life and opportunity to new roleplayers to make connections with other characters as well as allow seasoned roleplayers to jump right in and have a great time.

What we have here is a community that is building, providing and enjoying an immersive roleplay experience. You get the progressive economy and when you want to take a break from the money making, we have all sorts of mechanics, cosmetics and props to support full time role play as a person in this little world we call San Andreas.

If you have experience with RP servers or you’re new to it but want to give it a go, this is the place to get the experience.

Come join us, get involved, have fun.


Appreciate the post Strolski. Lost MC is a great group of roleplayers on our server.

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Changelog 7/14/2021

  • Store & Shop Robbery Missions Return
    -Quick smash & grabs or safe robberies for more cash
  • Fixed car thief police alerts
  • Inventory updates from auth (1.8.1)
  • ESX framework update
  • Removed broken shots fired calls during drug transaction for police
  • Removed natural bus spawn spots from bus depot
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been with this server for a while, and have met so many great role players! The Leadership team is full of friendly people that I have never once had a bad time with! Also, the RP that I get within the server is excellent never had a bad time.


Thanks for the positive words Halu. Appreciate it dude.

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Been part of this server for years now, and I have to say it is one of the best server, with an even better community. I’ve found so many new friends from this server. The roleplayers in this community are top tier. Definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great server with a great community!

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Pillbox Hill Medical Center


The State of San Andreas is looking to hire a new Director of the Pillbox Hill Medical Center. The Pillbox Hill Medical Center is a key part of civilian well-being within the State so it is crucial to have a leader who is willing to oversee its operations. The Director not only leads the hospital and its doctoral staff but also currently oversees SAFR/EMS Operations temporarily.

Contact RipplyTiger151#8494 on Discord to apply.

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I’ve been playing on this server for a long time. I have made many friends along the way and the people never fail to make me smile whilst I’m playing, I highly recommend this server to anyone looking to get into roleplay!

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I have been playing on this server for over a year now and so much hard work and dedicated has gone into it, and it really shows! There are so many fun jobs to do and the whitelisted ones really have some amazing RP!

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Found the server back in 2017 when it first started up and I’ve loved every minute of it. The people are beyond amazing and the new whitelisted server is awesome!
There are so many thing to do and so many people to meet. Start up a company, become the leader of a gang or crime ring, join the PD, EMS, SAFR or any of the other many whitelisted jobs.
Leadership and the Developers work their butts off to keep things interesting and add new stuff for players to do. They help to make the server enjoyable for everyone and they are willing to put in custom stuff to help people with their roleplay.
I’d recommend EdgeGamers to anyone who is looking for a community filled with amazing people and high quality roleplay!

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Changelog as of 7/24/2021

  • Removed barriers on some of the shops / stores around town
  • Removed temporary props from the casino
  • Added new secret interior location
  • Added more bus routes
  • Fixed police blips for shop robberies.
  • Fixed motels, you can enter and exit them now without error
  • Fixed time sync when entering motels
  • Fixed vehicle handling (buttery vehicles)
  • Fixed job center jobs conflict

Photo Showcase

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