Economy vs Menu Based?

So me and my friends are planning to start an RP server, but we cannot decide if we want the server to be economy based or menu based. Now our opinions are split 50/50.
Both have their own flaws but also strengths.
What’s more enjoyable?

To each their own, but I personally enjoy economy-based server much more. There you have to actually work for your stuff, which gives that “thrill” of being afraid to lose it somehow. Menu RP doesn’t have that at all, at least IMO.
Remember, though, that’s my personal opinion - if you think you’d enjoy menu-base rp more, go for it.

Simple Answer: Depends on what your aiming for with your server.

I like the idea of being able to spawn in cars and have unlimited amount of characters, it gives players more freedom, and they can RP whatever they wish, not being limited to what’s available.
But I also like the idea of actually doing something rather than pretending to be doing something (jobs for example). Making this choice is hard fsr :joy: