Eclipse Roleplay | Semi-Whitelisted | Hiring Command Positions |

Welcome to Eclipse Roleplay

Founded in June 2022, Eclipse Roleplay was founded by an experienced group of role-players looking to provide the highest quality roleplay experience possible. Collectively Eclipse Roleplay will be a large community-driven community, Eclipse Roleplay Is primarily a VMenu Based server, however we do have the option of ESX for plays who enjoy that side of roleplay. We use Hybrid scripts so all members can enjoy.

With the aim of opening in September 2022, we are currently seeking members to join our already established command teams with the aspiration of making their chosen department the best it can be. (Please note, we currently are recruiting a full communications team). As a semi-whitelisted server, we are looking for the most experienced individuals to join us now. If you meet the following requirements please don’t hesitate reaching out;

  • A unique person, that strives for professionalism. This person must represent the community values in a positive way.
  • Mature & Enthusiastic. Committed to helping your chosen department in department operations & creating policies and procedures.
  • Above the age of 13, this guideline is in place and we cannot make exceptions.
  • Has a valuable amount of experience within FiveM communities.