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About Eclipse Roleplay Community Welcome to Eclipse Roleplay Community official recruitment post for our community! Eclipse Roleplay Community is a group of friendly people. Well here we have all the great things a community can have, including Mature members, experienced and dedicated people, active patrols, EUP and more! Our members range from all ages. We have many people who stream our community We offer many departments including:Los Santos County Sheriffs Office, San Andreas State Troopers, Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Fire & Rescue, Civilians and many more other things to be apart of, like subdivisions! We have a professional training process that every Peace Officer must go through before being able to patrol on our servers. If you have a ton of FiveM Roleplay experience or none at all we have many resources available to help you learn. Whoever you are, we hope to see soon! Join Today! - Eclipse Roleplay Community Board of Directors.