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The denim drip is unmatched

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Birds eye view :bird:


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On top of the world :earth_americas:

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Get out there and touch grass today :evergreen_tree::four_leaf_clover::herb::leaves::seedling:

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After a full year I am back to further review the server.

  • This is a community driven server, they take the feedback received and turn it into a reality; not just words sent to the wayside.

  • If you’re a criminal, civilian or involved with he DOJ, PD, or EMS you have plenty of options and can find all the updates in the logs when joining the server. The PD offers new vehicles, custom liveries and a ton of variety that others do not offer.

  • Businesses are ran by the community as much as possible. You can find out IC how to obtain them.

  • Staff - They do a good job of keeping the individuals who think this is a online shooter out and continue to adjust the community with individuals who care about the rules within RP and do not ruin others immersion.


How about a trip up north?

Our development team has been hard at work on a brand new update! :heart_eyes:
You can find the trailer here: EchoRP | Spring Update (2022) - YouTube

Costume Party

Check out our March 2022 highlight reel:

Wishing all our Muslims a happy & peaceful Eid al-Fitr :crescent_moon:
On this very special day, from the EchoRP team, #EidMubarak.

It’s EMS Probie season!

β€œBusiness is BOOMIN”

We recently made a super immersive update! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:
Now when a restart is inbound, the weather changes to reflect it

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