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The server got some exciting new changes!

:star2: Upgraded from 1gbps to 2gbps
:star2: Switched from an AMD CPU to an Intel CPU
:star2: The new CPU has a higher clock speed!

All in all, a lot of networking changes. Let us know how you enjoy the ride :bike:

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:fallen_leaf: September is here

Have you seen our new highlight reel for last month? Peep it while it’s hot! :eyes:

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Did you miss seeing your favourite clip in the reel? Maybe it’s in part two :eyes:
Want to see your clips included in the September compilation? Post ‘em to clip-submissions! :movie_camera:

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The other day we hit :sparkles: 200 :sparkles: players!
I wonder if we can beat that record any time soon :crossed_fingers:

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Such a amazing Server! Flawws is a Goat with what he does dev wise! The community is super amazing to!


Take a look at a concise list of updates we’ve recently pushed:

  • Removed Steam as a dependency as we now use the built-in FiveM identifier that is linked to your FiveM forum account :tada:
  • A new queue script has been implemented, replacing the old connect queue.
  • Re-wrote the framework to improve server-side efficiency

Bump! <3 Echo!

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:sparkles: Want to know more about EchoRP? :sparkles:

We’ve relaunched our website which means we’ve got…

:dizzy: a fresh layout of our rules
:fire: intros for our cute staff
:ping_pong: A brand new home page design
:sun_behind_small_cloud: and more to come soon!

:house: New Addition! :house_with_garden:

The Mayans have opened their new clubhouse, with gorgeous customizations from one of our devs, Noot! :fire:

awesome looking server, well built and tons of info!

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Thank you for the feedback! It’s very much appreciated <3

Check out what we’ve been working on this past month!

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EchoRP - Update Log #1

Feature Changes

  • Added multiple spawn spots for garbage trucks to prevent stacking.
  • Garbage job now pays more when there is more of you doing the job at once.
  • Updated weights to compensate for smaller items gaining 1 weight.
  • Changed drug trading punishment to be cooldown rather than fine.
  • Updated scuba mask price.
  • Rewrote weed to be less intensive on both the client and server, network wise.
  • Scenes are now more responsive and quicker.
  • Queue crash priority was rewrote to prevent further crying.
  • Updated EMS tahoe handling and fleet sounds.
  • Old Auto Exotics was removed as it was no longer needed - @SimNationJan.
  • Further custom items were added to the server by @Callz.
  • Bennys’ clothing, stashes, etc… were moved for new MLO by @DaMightyLamb.
  • Heavy Pistol and Pistol inventory images were updated by @Callz.
  • We removed CID from showing for weapon serials.
  • Wash kits can now be used to remove scenes.
  • Business funds are no longer shown in the mechanic menu.
  • ChiChi number 2 was added.
  • Massive anti cheat improvements were made.
  • City works now encourages you to return your van - @dann.
  • DJ locations were added to the new maps by @SimNationJan.
  • You are now given a notification upon selecting the city works job @dann.
  • A funny QOL life change after drinking a bottle of beer was implemented by @Callz.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed legacy stash being covered by a tree.
  • Fixed apartments causing people to disappear.
  • Fixed holes around the world - @SimNationJan.
  • Resolved an issue where skin was causing people to crash.
  • Patched a bug which allowed people to use the radio whilst down.
  • Fixed apartment stash slots.
  • Evidence now correctly checks for DNA swabbing.
  • A fix for bomb planting for a robbery was implemented by @DaMightyLamb.
  • An issue with the taskbar and city works was fixed by @dann.
  • An exploit with scuba job was patched by @DaMightyLamb.
  • Garbage job spawning invisible vehicles was fixed.
  • The MDT should no longer show radios above 100.
  • Paleto job cooldown has been increased - @DaMightyLamb
  • Dr. Phil check in has been moved to F6.
  • The drift school now has a new building - @SimNationJan
  • Increased oxygen task size.


  • Police interceptors have been made lower in size (textures only).
  • Texture optimizations for the CVPI, FPIU, Tahoe, Charger, F150 and Taurus were done.
  • Mount Zonah textures were optimized by @SimNationJan.
  • 2Step was massively optimized.
  • EMS Ambulance model was optimized by @Nate.
  • Christmas maps have all been optimized to help with crashes - @SimNationJan.
  • Old drift school has been removed, according to logs, crashes started when it was added - @SimNationJan.

This is what we have for you this week!
A lot of us, including myself, were taking a break after working on such a massive update

EchoRP - Update Log #2

The mentions below are inaccurate, simply copied from Discord.

Feature Changes

  • Adjusted city works pay to be less abusable.
  • Revamped the DMV school to work with F6 and added an improved theory test UI with new questions.
  • Lowered city works van price - @Dan
  • Made memory game more colorblind friendly - @Lamb
  • Added new food to SooChi’s - @Callz
  • Added a melt timer for snowmen - @Dan
  • Added a working stretcher for EMS’s new fleet.
  • Added GPS transponder check for MDT set waypoint.
  • Robbery loot adjustments made. - @Dan
  • Increased Gruppe 6 cooldown and edited some coordinate values. - @Dan
  • You can now hold locals at gunpoint to force them to drop their car keys.
  • Made the menu thing smaller.
  • Lowered mechanic part repair times.
  • Added new Davis and Paleto PD - @Norma
  • QOL changes for doors @ CNC and SU - @Norma
  • Added new PD camaro sound & updated some PD handlings - @Breakfast
  • Added SU blip, added SU counter - @Norma
  • Made EVERYTHING use F6 (shops, prison, stashes, etc…) - @Dan
  • Added a CID change command for staff to allow them tickets to be handled quicker :snail:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “stupid speeds” for nitrous and made it “normal” - @Lamb.
  • Fixed Dr. Phil’s misleading price.
  • Resolved an issue where vehicles would cause the door lock animation to act “shit” - @Lamb.
  • Miner was given an animation fix by @Dan.
  • The prison options being on every clipboard was fixed by @Dan.
  • @Nate Pushed a PD Glock fix for the model weirdness.
  • @wu Made improvements to the anti-cheat.
  • The banker job was disabled due to numerous bug reports.
  • Evidence list was given pages.
  • The Taco Hut was given a map change by @Norma.
  • @Dan | Steve Stevenson Added tyre slashing.
  • Good Vibes Taco Hut was given some new food by @Callz.
  • Police vehicles were given a handling update by @Breakfast.


  • Shrunk the textures of many PD vehicles @Nate.
  • IPL’s now load/unload correctly using zones.

Hope you enjoy this update!
Happy new year


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