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The server got some exciting new changes!

:star2: Upgraded from 1gbps to 2gbps
:star2: Switched from an AMD CPU to an Intel CPU
:star2: The new CPU has a higher clock speed!

All in all, a lot of networking changes. Let us know how you enjoy the ride :bike:

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:fallen_leaf: September is here

Have you seen our new highlight reel for last month? Peep it while it’s hot! :eyes:

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Did you miss seeing your favourite clip in the reel? Maybe it’s in part two :eyes:
Want to see your clips included in the September compilation? Post ‘em to clip-submissions! :movie_camera:

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The other day we hit :sparkles: 200 :sparkles: players!
I wonder if we can beat that record any time soon :crossed_fingers:

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Such a amazing Server! Flawws is a Goat with what he does dev wise! The community is super amazing to!


Take a look at a concise list of updates we’ve recently pushed:

  • Removed Steam as a dependency as we now use the built-in FiveM identifier that is linked to your FiveM forum account :tada:
  • A new queue script has been implemented, replacing the old connect queue.
  • Re-wrote the framework to improve server-side efficiency

Bump! <3 Echo!

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:sparkles: Want to know more about EchoRP? :sparkles:

We’ve relaunched our website which means we’ve got…

:dizzy: a fresh layout of our rules
:fire: intros for our cute staff
:ping_pong: A brand new home page design
:sun_behind_small_cloud: and more to come soon!

:house: New Addition! :house_with_garden:

The Mayans have opened their new clubhouse, with gorgeous customizations from one of our devs, Noot! :fire:

awesome looking server, well built and tons of info!

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Thank you for the feedback! It’s very much appreciated <3