EasyAdmin, Blumlaut Rude to customer

So I am a customer of easy admin and I wanted a staff time logger so I went to ask and Blumlaut out of the blue was very very rude to me. Can anyone tell me why?

Customer? You seem to be referring to a store in your chat logs, what store?

His plugin store a while ago a I paid for a plugin cant remember ow tho.

With no prior context, I highly doubt anyone can tell you exactly why a person who is not ourselves was in a particularly bitchy mood at that point in time. Maybe they were having a bad day? Maybe your first message, “link for the time tracker” with no question mark or context rubbed them the wrong way? (I would have said, “Hey, do you have the link for the time tracker resource? I would like to purchase it.”) Maybe you have a negative history with this person? They did say “you dont deserve it”.

Either way, what are you really trying to accomplish by posting this here?

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I refunded your payments, if you do not put minimal effort into asking a coherent question, and then go on about some nonsense what “other people” apparently say about me, you should not expect me to be nice to you, never buy anything from my shop ever again, thanks.