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Est. January 2021
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Age Limit: 15+

EastcoastRP (ECRP) was founded on January 7th 2021 with the goal to provide an engaging, friendly, fun, and safe environment for our members. Utilizing FiveM, we have crafted and are able offer a unique role playing experience. ECRP is a place for all our members to relax and make new friends, or maybe a rival. We are an evolving community and are very excited for what the future holds. We are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet you!

We are a group of players first. No one personality in our leadership team is the sole person making all of the decisions. This community isn’t for us, its for you. We don’t believe in rules for the sake of rules, or in allowing the authority to be misused. At EastcoastRP, roleplay is always our focus. It drives our decisions and our development, to build a better place for all of us to live out our fictional lives. We put the needs of our members first, and we vow that we always will.

Currently we use a framework to manage our characters, including twitter usernames and criminal histories. We use vMenu to spawn peds, vehicles, and other assets. You get to decide who your character is! Do you want to grow them into a law abiding citizen? Maybe someday they will be a lawyer, doctor. Want to drive buses, be a dock worker, or work at the Ron fuel station? Or do you want to create an organized crime empire? We encourage all types of realistic roleplay! We place a huge emphasis on acknowledging the reality that, regardless of rank or time in the community, we all are just people at the end of the day. ECRP is a volunteer community, we especially value our members’ time and commitment, and are extremely grateful for all they do. We are dedicated to taking a progressive approach to change in this community, and will always be open to hear the suggestions or concerns of the member base.

All Departments Currently Recruiting
Police Department
Sheriff’s Office
Highway Patrol
Civilian Operations
Fire Rescue
Communications Department

Pictures of our new LCSO fleet! EastcoastRP Fan Server

very original forum post!

More pictures of our LEO vehicles, pictures taken by Andy D. 3C-1 EastcoastRP Fan Server