Early-exit trap Crash

on the fimem discord everyone is with BF on this problem conincidence … lol those who dont have BF are fine lol

I actually got 1 pallet delivery done today without crashing so far, im feeling hopefull atm :joy:

hell yeah !

Doing fine so far, come here Bumpy3716 so i can kiss u :crazy_face:

haha loll unless you are a female i will declined politly lol

Thx for sharing, ill be telling this to ppl with bitdefender on this server if i here anyone having issues :hugs:

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I’m on Bitdefender as well, didn’t switch any functions off but switching FiveM to canary did the trick for me.

Currently working FiveM version 6345/canary
Added below line to the CitizenFX.ini

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thanks, that solution works for me as well

yo guys, anybody find a solution?