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Welcome to DustbowlRP! We’re a 18+ serious RedM roleplay community dedicated to authentic storytelling, engaging characters and community collaboration. We just celebrated our 1 month anniversary and have officially grown to 1000 members! :cowboy_hat_face:


  • Active community with 1000 members and dedicated staff team!
  • Many custom scripts created by our talented dev team!
  • Whitelisted Jobs (Law enforcement, medics, blacksmith, horse trainer, and many more!)
  • Farming, mining, hunting and gold panning jobs open for anyone!
  • Robberies, bank heists, moonshine and contraband selling available for criminals!
  • Tons of upcoming features that are still in development!



Love this server! Legit RP and great community!


Great place! RP focused, helpful staff. cute admin :slight_smile:


Great community! I have played in many many county’s and this one has been awesome! RP is always on point and so many private scripts to play with. Population is steadily growing and a lot of new features are in the works. A++

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We’re always looking for more law characters! Come hang out :cowboy_hat_face:

BUMP :cowboy_hat_face:

We’re still looking for more members who want to become a part of the sheriff’s department as well as becoming business owners! Come check us out :cowboy_hat_face:

We’ve added a ton of new things to play with in the county! Come RP with us :cowboy_hat_face:

Was loving the server till i got kicked talking about the framework they are using idk if it was the bot that they had in the discord or what but i would like to come back idk what i did wrong or take that bot out

  • I don’t recommend this server.

They mention being a custom framework but they aren’t using anything other than an edited version of QB-Core. The inventory deletes items randomly and the decay makes the grind almost impossible as items decay faster than you can press ALT F4. The roleplay is based around the local hotel/tavern and the staff/owners play favorites, even to those who break rules constantly. Those who run, or at least ran the stable, were always active, but never got back to players regarding training horses or buying a new, rare breed, horse. If you were part of the favorites that I mentioned, they’d get to you for those needs though.

Staff/Owners didn’t follow their own rules, there were countless times I was shot at by both owners because I was speeding on my horse. I don’t see how shooting an unarmed civilian makes sense. The favorites didn’t know what fear of life was and would always chase down criminals after they just witnessed that criminal murder someone. If shots were fired nearby, those players would seek the location out and play the vigilante, which ruined a lot of the police & criminal scenarios. It’s highly unfair to have over a dozen non-police players seek out a robber during a heist, nor does it make sense in roleplay terms.

Highly active, but numbers don’t always mean a good thing. I gave it a shot, and this server ruined RedM RP for me.