✰ DUSTBOWL RP ✰ [Serious RP] [18+] [1896] [Community Driven] [Active Staff] [https://discord.gg/dustbowlrp]

Welcome to DustbowlRP! We’re a 18+ serious RedM roleplay community dedicated to authentic storytelling, engaging characters and community collaboration. We just celebrated our 1 month anniversary and have officially grown to 1000 members! :cowboy_hat_face:


  • Active community with 1000 members and dedicated staff team!
  • Many custom scripts created by our talented dev team!
  • Whitelisted Jobs (Law enforcement, medics, blacksmith, horse trainer, and many more!)
  • Farming, mining, hunting and gold panning jobs open for anyone!
  • Robberies, bank heists, moonshine and contraband selling available for criminals!
  • Tons of upcoming features that are still in development!



Love this server! Legit RP and great community!


Great place! RP focused, helpful staff. cute admin :slight_smile:


Great community! I have played in many many county’s and this one has been awesome! RP is always on point and so many private scripts to play with. Population is steadily growing and a lot of new features are in the works. A++

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We’re always looking for more law characters! Come hang out :cowboy_hat_face:

BUMP :cowboy_hat_face:

We’re still looking for more members who want to become a part of the sheriff’s department as well as becoming business owners! Come check us out :cowboy_hat_face:

We’ve added a ton of new things to play with in the county! Come RP with us :cowboy_hat_face: