Drug Dealer Open Source System32 ESX

Thank you for looking at my script I hope you enjoy!

This script is Open Source no annoying IP Locks or Encryption
Direct Download when bought

[Update / Please message me on discord if you have bought, for the new update]

  • Fixed bug with box

  • Added notification so it says [Press E to talk with client!] When beside AI car!


  • Cop Alerts
  • Visible that player has drugs
  • Direct download
  • Unlimited drugs can be added
  • Prices of drugs can be changed easy
  • Simple but realistic script

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System32 DrugDealer Tebex

System32 Drug Dealer

[My Other Scripts]

System32 Hunting Direct download No locks e.g: No IP or code locks
System32 Car Boosting
System32 OxyRuns

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 650
Requirements ESX, Recommended Car Boot Storage Script
Support Yes
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Any plans for a qbcore version?

No plans for qbcore at the moment I am sorry, but the script is completely open source so you can edit how you like if you got knowledge on how to convert it to qbcore!

If open source, you can change it yourself. Nice script. Simple clean and realistic. Thnx!

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Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

Could you pleas link your dc here, invite is invalid on your tebex. think u used link only valid for 7 days.
Thnx, i found something in script, will talk in dc.

Hey sorry about that, I sent you a private message with my dc link.