DropPlayer bug?

hi! I have been testing to drop a player when he’s not connected to the internet “they do this on purpose”

the DropPlayer native works fine on testing if im connected, but once I disconnect it does not drop the player , eventually it will timeout after awile.

not sure if its a bug, just trying to understand why. maybe its intendend

game build 1491
version 6254 canary

Maybe try kicking for high ping? If that does not fix the issue, then you simply cannot Drop a player that is timing out.

If clients are intentionally ‘disconnecting’ they also will not receive the message indicating they’re dropped. Since you dropped the client, there’s not going to be any resends either.

This is very much ‘how things work’.

If you want to show a message to players, maybe save something based on their identifiers and show it as a deferral the next time they connect or so.

thank you for the explanation.