Driving school doesn't detect licenses

My esx_dmvschool is buggy:

I already got the Theoretical and the normal License, if i want to do the Truck or Motorcycle License, in the Menu it says, that i should do the Theoretical license first.

Any suggestions?

Are you using the latest versions of both ESX and esx_dmvschool? :slight_smile:

Mycroft, ESX Management :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I am using this version of ESX (txAdmin Build): https://github.com/esx-framework/esx-legacy

Here are my files from esx_dmvschool, esx_licenses and the licenses and user_licenses SQL Table:


I even updated esx_dmvschool and esx_license to the newest version from this Pack (only resource not the SQL) and it still didn’t work

Have you looked at both your client and server log output after trying to purchase to see if any errors are being thrown?

I did now and somehow got it to work. I dont even know how i exactly did it but it works now, thx.

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