🌙 Dreamscape RP / New / Whitelisted 18+ / Active Staff & Devs / Unique!

Dreamscape is inspired by the greatest but with creativity and uniqueness of our own. We’ve created a trustworthy and fun environment and have made it our mission that once you join our server you feel comfortable and welcomed. Our city is filled with new and old role-players from far and beyond. We care about the community and will listen to suggestions and ideas. We have a dedicated staff team devoted to making the server last. Come join the community and have fun!

We are a whitelisted server but the whitelist app requires no backstory and no RP scenario questions. All you have to do is answer a few questions about our rules.

Discord: https://discord.gg/nKtV3Burc9

Custom UI’s

Police - Note: The brand new PD by Gabz has been purchased & will be added once available.

Progress bars:

Car Hud

Radial Menu


Dumpster Diving

Banking Menu

Car Controls

Made lots of edits with images in the last few days.
Staff team is working hard to get the server up as soon as possible!

We need Police, EMS and Mechanics! :heart: