Dreamline Roleplay | Staff and Head of Departments Needed | Adventure, make friends and roleplay your characters future! | Launch Date: soon | Custom Framework | Active Devs & Staff | SERIOUS RP | Custom Clothing & Hair | Many options available

Dreamline is an upcoming FiveM roleplay server. Tomorrow is the official launch date for Dreamline and we hope we can see a few people there. We will be hosting many events and making sure everyone is having fun.

Vasso - I am the Founder of Dreamline and I started this project on my own about two months ago and I am slowly getting there with everything. I am 21 years of age and have played FiveM for over 4 years now, I used to play SA:MP a lot back in the day as well. I have been developing for about a year now and I still have a lot to learn but with my friends behind me I definitely can bring the best content out.

Connect with Dreamline
  • Friendly And Active Staff Team
  • Short Whitelist Process
  • Multicharacter System
  • Professional LSPD team
  • Custom Civilian Vehicles
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Crafting Systems
  • Burger Shot
  • More Features
Whitelisted Jobs & Civilian Jobs
  • Police - LSPD
  • EMS
  • Gang
  • Burgershot
  • Dealerships
  • Real Estate
  • Mechanics
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Taxi
  • Trucking
  • Many More Jobs
Preformatted text Illegal & Legal Activities
  • Safe Cracking
  • Vangelico Heist
  • Pacific Standard
  • House Robberies
  • Fleeca Bank Robbery
  • Gruppe Truck Robbery
  • In-depth Drugs System Weed / Coke / Meth / + More
  • Gambling (Diamond Casino)
  • Fleeca | Vangelico | Big Bank
  • More Activities

Come and join the team.

Application forms now available on the Discord. I am slowly getting there with everything at the moment.

Slow progress as I am on my own, hopefully we can get some applicants soon and speed up the process.

Just to let you know as well, Dreamline hasn’t launched yet.

Some teasers

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting for every position.

Once we get an administrator I think we should be good to release. I just need someone there to help me front-end with the discord/advertisement, this can be paid depending on how good you can do.

We will be launching next friday.


Read the above or join the Discord to find out the release date.

Bugs being fixed today

BURGERSHOT Owner needed as well
Every position available.

Urgent need of head of departments

Releasing Friday

Launching tomorrow night!
We are doing some good progress at the moment.

I have updated the thread layout and will be over the next few days.

Join the Dreamline community.