dpEmotes 1.7 (390+ emotes) Walkingstyles, Keybinding, Dances, Expressions and Shared Emotes

Has anyone successfully ported this over to MenuV? Been trying myself and its been a pain

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You need to add a command sth like ‘’/emotebind num4 del’’ to DELETE EMOTES!!! <3

anyone have this issue? works fine first time i put onto server, as soon as server gets restarted the script breaks.

did you ever fix this ?

Yes I did, it was because I was using Notepad to edit the code at the time. Now I use Notepad++ which is meant for coding and works well with FiveM coding.

Any Thoughts I’ve tried everything I know

For Example when I press onto any of them, it just makes the menu disappear and I cant re open it

Added BEANS lol

By the way guuts, I’m clearly not the original creator of DpEmotes however have forked it, added animal emotes and props, and added a ton of new emotes. My fork requires you to be on the latest enforce gamebuild for all props and animations to work, and if you guys have any emote suggestions, I’d be more than happy to add them, as long as you can showcase the animation and props (I will need to know the animation name. Use Menyoo if you have to).