Download speed

hey all new here.

i have been downloading the mod for a little while restarting it every now and then but the download speed is still 0.1MB/s. i understand that the servers can be busy at peak times and im hoping that the speed will pick up but i have my doubts. how come no one has set up a torrent for the cache patch? surely it would download fast that way, right?

@Kooper im sure its just your internet speed

my fibre line is working just fine. the problem isn’t from my end

@iago my fibre line is working just fine. the problem isn’t from my end

@Kooper what are u downloading btw?

@iago im updating the game cache about 2.2gb

mine is doing the same

@quincowan yup that the same as mine

What could be the issue, its not on my side, everything else is fine internet wise.

@quincowan same i did a speed test and everything came back as normal

woo its just picked up and and im getting full speed now

did you do anything?

@quincowan nah it just picked up but now its dropped back to 0.1mb/s for the last 2%

I have the same thing… :frowning:

i still have the issue, not sure why

someone said that its server issue.

One second, ill ask.

It may be your internet speed or provider limiting the download. Providers may also throttle unknown networks. However i can guarantee this is not a server issue. The server is under low load currently with almost nothing being downloaded. That means everyone can reach max speeds.

Its weird cause I literally downloaded it today and I had an issue so i am reinstalling and no its at 0.1mb/s

I had the same problem ( Was testing it because of this thread ) and all i did was start the download and the PC. Now it is back to normal download speed.