Download before game instead of in-game

The main reason I don’t like it is because it is downloading the asset only when you are using it, for example, if I stream a vehicle, it won’t download it to them until someone with this vehicle will drive in their scope, and when it does happen, they won’t see it until it is fully downloaded, which can lead to some desync until it is fully downloaded.

Actually what I wanted is not downloading on the loading screen, but it’s to download at your request and not only if it’s close to the player, and maybe info whether it is already downloaded.

Let’s take the thread creator problem, for example, he wants to stream a whole map, which people won’t see until it’s downloaded, if we could request the players’ game to download it (without them going around and wait until it’s downloaded), and get info if it’s finished, we could give them something to pass the time while they are waiting for the map to download, like some minigames.

Didn’t quite understand what you wrote here, I meant I don’t download anything at all; right now I’m only using the game original assets. I don’t use a custom launcher that downloads assets or anything like that.

Lmao, didn’t even think for a millisecond that it will faster… (Why would someone think that?)