Donuts-n-Coffee RolePlay Community | Custom Cars, EUP, Departments, and loads more! | Now Hiring ALL Positions | Developers Wanted | Casual RolePlaying

I’m not gonna pitch anything long, just something short, sweet, and to the point.

My name is Donuts, and I’m building up my own FiveM server. So far I’ve got a lot of progress made both in my discord and my server, and as each day passes I continue to make lots of progress. So here’s a bit about the server:

We’re lore based liveries (Blaine County, Los Santos, San Andreas, etc…)
We have loads of custom vehicle packs for all departments
We have loads of custom civilian cards including a spawn menu for them all
Minimalist HUD that helps you but still gives you what you need
Custom EUP uniforms for all departments
Custom EUP equipment for all departments
And loads and loads more!

I’m looking for developers, department heads, admins, and what not. There will be an application for each of these positions as soon as I can get it out there. So look in the #applications section of the discord to apply for what you think you’d be a good fit for! It’s all open, every last drop of it! Looking to fill all the positions I can fill! So if you think you can help out or have what it takes to lead a department, then head on over and shoot me a message!|

As a part of keeping up with both here and in the discord, we announce that until further notice we are intending to stick with the FX Server framework for our server, pushing us officially into vMenu usage!

The New Code 3 Megapack is now in! Our boys in blue can now catch anyone with that rockin’ new 5.0!