Dont Let Good Reviews Mistake YOU

At First This server was really good Then after a while it slowly got worse , The Main Admins and staff know what there doing but the other half are children that are so power hungry they will do what ever they want with no punishment , The Rules Are Iffy Some are good some are bad Like the fact you cant steal cop cars. If you even a little bit piss off one of many of the little children in the staff they wont hesitate to shoot you for reason and arrest you and send you to jail without even telling you why. The Adult Admin and staff are amazing - Always there to help and gladly answer any Questions you could ever have. Only problem is the young staff that have no respect for anybody and there own server rules. I have even played with people that have said the children staff Ruin it. Nobody Under the age of 18 should be a staff , but there are some that you will run into anyway.


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