Donate, wtf is this? oh my

Good afternoon.
I want to inform you about the information.
Umbrella RP - Russian server -
The creator of the project openly sells VIP cars.
This is strictly prohibited by the FiveM rules.
I ask you, investigate and punish.
Forum Umbrella RP -машины.7/

Don’t try to make money off FiveM. Not even your game services. Covering costs incurred from
third parties (server rent, product licensing, …) is fine, however any additional profit (including
‘donations’ other than to cover immediate costs) is not.

They bring a huge profit, about $ 350 per month

Pretty sure this is allowed, as long as they are not making a profit?

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It also states that if you donate you get a car as a gift.

I mean, most of these servers are clearly making profits if there server is consistently full of players that donate and never close the donations when the cap is hit.

I personaly think anyone who pays for ingame cars you can get on another server for free is kinda dumb and makes no sense that anyone would do it.

If you are gunna ask for donations you simply put… "if you want to help keep the server alive feel free to donate " with no obligations ;).

They bring a huge profit, about $ 350 per month

Which is allowed

How do you know? You’re assuming here.

It encourages people to donate so they server can actually stay up? Some communities spend $200-$300 so they have to give something in return otherwise they most likely wont get donations.

Welllll… That’s your opinion.

Im not assuming, unless you are telling me these people are paying thousands of dollars a month for a server… i mean come on, think about it.

And it isnt a matter of opinion its a matter of common sense you are basiclly selling ingame items for money whether its donations or not and most of these servers dont got a limit set to automatically stop the donations when there hit.

So… ya, more of a educated guess.

If the server is good enough they will donate just to donate.

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